Frequently Asked Questions

Bartender License?  operator licenses will be issued to qualified applicants. The fee is $25.00. Licenses must be renewed annually. The application can be found on our Forms & Permits page. You must show proof of either a current (within 2 years) license with another Wisconsin municipality or a completed school certificate. CLICK HERE for a link to acceptable classes.

Dog Licenses? - Racine County requires you to license your dog. If you have more than three dogs, you will need to obtain a kennel license. Licenses are due annually on January 1 and may be purchased at the Town Hall. You will need to show proof of rabies vaccination and proof if your dog is spayed or neutered.


2nd Installment Tax Payments? - Second installment payments must be paid directly to Racine County.  Please click on this link for payment options -  2nd installment tax payment 


Need to pay a citation? - follow these instructions


House Numbers? - The Town-issued green house number sign must be plainly visible so that the public safety services can find your home when their assistance is required. If you need a house number sign, please contact our Highway Supervisor at 262-763-3070 X107.


Firearms? - The discharge of firearms, spring guns, and air guns is prohibited within all residential areas of the Town. Local ordinances also stipulate that you must have permission of the landowner or tenant to do so in non-residential areas of the Town.


Open Burning? - A Town-wide pollution control ordinance prohibits open burning except between the hours of 12:00 PM and 7:00 PM. The burning MUST be attended at all times and MUST be at least 30 feet from any structure. This open burning is limited to dry leaves, grass, and wood products. You CANNOT burn in the ditch or culvert line. You MUST be 15 feet from the edge of the pavement. For further information, please contact the Sheriff or Fire Departments.

Sheriff Department - 262-763-9558 or 262-886-2300

Fire Department - 262-763-3070 ext. 106


Schools? - The Town of Burlington is part of the Burlington Area School District.

For school information, please call 262-763-0210.


Stray Pets? - If you find a stray pet, please contact either the Racine County Humane Society or Racine County Sheriff's Department.

Racine County Humane Society - 262-554-6699

Racine County Sheriff's Department - 262-763-9558 or 262-886-2300

Wildlife? - Please contact the Wisconsin Humane Society at 414-431-6204 or visit there page for more  information:


Street light out? - You can call WE Energies at 800-242-9137 or go to their website are report the outage HERE 


Subdivision Associations? - There are several subdivision associations in the Town of Burlington. Below is a list of these associations and contact person:

Bohners Lake Civic Association

Donna Marcil - 262-539-2089

Debbie Oldenberg - 262-539-2188

Bohners Lake Management Committee

Hans Jansen - 262-539-3228

Cedar Park Association

Chris Wendorf - 262-308-6860

Fairfield Subdivision 

Matt Jarocki - 262-763-3740 or 262-763-3749

Halls Point Association 

Bob Holaska - 262-763-7142

Oakwood Hills Civic Association 

Don Colagrassi - 262-539-3151

Oakwood Hills Property Owners Association

Joe Ziblo - 847-417-6433